The road home is home. (Rumi)

Friends of The Road Home
When Bob first dreamed up this web radio station to answer the many requests for more of The Road Home, he turned to a few of us long-time fellow travelers for advice and support. We’ve been enthusiastic from the start. To be able to listen to The Road Home anytime, anywhere is a gift for lovers of fine radio. We hope you feel the same way and support with a donation. Thank you!

Join us! We are a pretty loose affiliation of volunteers, but there are plans for occasional email updates and even events from time to time. Send us a note and we’ll keep you in the loop:

See you on The Road Home!

Friends of The Road Home
(Bob and Sandra Merkley, Brian Dunsmore, Fran and Jim Watson, Greg and Joanne Zinter, Janice Beaton, Ron Innes, Stephen Quesnelle, Thomas Trofimuk, Wei Yew, Whitney Fox)
CKUA – the Mothership
Stacks Image 947 has been made possible by the generous permission one of the world’s great public radio networks: CKUA (Alberta and around the globe at CKUA had the courage to embrace the vision of such a program beginning in 2002. Now, they let their baby go waddling into this new web radio frontier - with their blessings.

The Road Home continues on CKUA:
Sunday evenings 8 – 10 (Mnt) and weekday mornings @ 5:00.

Please support this remarkable public radio family, CKUA. Our Motherhship has been fostering fine radio since 1927. Thank you dear CKUA!
Special thanks
To Jeremiah McDade and The Mcdades who composed and recorded the Road Home theme music.