The road home is home. (Rumi)

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A major inspiration for mounting, is the same motivation that led to the creation of The Road Home program – in 2002 - at CKUA in Alberta. Namely: celebrating the power of the poem. Yet, I’ve suggested to tread softly when telling friends about The Road: ‘Careful with the ‘p’ word! Maybe don’t even say’ poetry. Just call it ‘spoken word’. And I’m only half joking.

Our introduction to poetry in school is too often a painful experience. But on the Road Home we know that a poem can be - simply beautiful. Inspiring. Entertaining. A meaningful little moment - or a wrecking ball that knocks you into next week. A good poem can open us up: to insight, a little clarity, or at least some very sweet diversion. It’s the perfect art form for the modern attention span.

So - I continue to ask: how is it that mainstream media all-but ignore poetry? A poem comes to life when read aloud. That’s poetry’s ancient tradition. And treated right, poems don’t just ‘work’ on radio, they can rock your world. They can shine in their full power!

Yes. I am a poetry evangelist. And we’re on a mission- one fine poem at a time - to end the notion of poetry as painful. So there is nothing more satisfying than when listeners write to say how they have come to love poetry and buy books of poems because of the Road Home experience.

Fear not the ‘P’ word! And hey - if you hear something you like on The Road Home, check the play list, buy the book, read the poems. Maybe even out loud.

Spread the word that poetry lives large on The Road Home is home! Amen.

Bob Chelmick
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Each month, a new cycle of 27 hours of Road Home programs is mounted in a continuous stream, not as podcasts - think radio, not jukebox.
Here are this month’s corresponding playlists of the music and poems that make up each program. The numbers correspond with the program numbers. This set of programs is updated weekly with new Road Home shows - after they are heard on CKUA, Sunday evenings at 8 the new Roads show up in the cycle on Monday at 7PM. At the beginning of each month all the programs and playlists are replaced with a new set.

These lists are in PDF format.

June ROAD 961
June ROAD 962
June ROAD 963
June ROAD 964
June ROAD 965
June ROAD 966
June ROAD 967
June ROAD 968
June ROAD 969
June ROAD 1083
June ROAD 1084
June ROAD 1085
June ROAD 1086
June ROAD 1087
June ROAD 1088
June ROAD 1089
June ROAD 1090
June ROAD 1091
June ROAD 1092
June ROAD 1093
June ROAD 1094
June ROAD 1205
June ROAD 1206
June ROAD 1207
June ROAD 1208
June ROAD 1209
June ROAD 1210
June ROAD 1211
June ROAD 1212
June ROAD 1301
June ROAD 1302
June ROAD 1349
June ROAD 1350
June ROAD 1351
June ROAD 1352
June ROAD 1381
June ROAD 1382
June ROAD 1408
June ROAD 1409
June ROAD 1410
June ROAD 1435
June ROAD 1436